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St Albans 14 April

Asakusa is coming to St Albans. Orders available for collection at Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre car park (AL1 2DL) between 12:30 and 13:30. Book your order by 9pm on Monday 29th March. Full delivery menu details can be found below in the "About the Event" section.
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St Albans  14 April

Time & Location

14 Apr, 12:30 – 13:30
Hertfordshire, Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre, St Albans AL1 2DL

About the Event

*All our staff handles our products with care following the governments guidelines.

*If you suffer from food allergies or have special dietary needs, please notify a member of our staff.


We accept the payment with card, cash and bank transfer. If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please let us know so that we can send you the bank detail and the total price of your order in advance. If you’d like to pay in cash, please prepare for the exact price.




All Bento Box comes with the choice of main with salad, sides and rice.

- Pork Shogayaki Bento  生姜焼き弁当 9.80

Grilled pork and cooked vegetables with ginger sauce

- Nori Bento New! 海苔弁当 11.00

Seasoned Nori seaweed and bonito flakes on rice, grilled salmon, deep fried Chikuwa fishcake Isobe, chicken karaage, egg omelette, sides and pickles

- MentaiKo Nori Bento New! 明太子海苔弁当 12.80

Seasoned Nori seaweed and bonito flakes on rice, cod roe, chicken karaage, deep fried Chikuwa fishcake Isobe, egg omelette, sides and pickles

- Grilled Salmon Bento 焼鮭弁当   10.00

Grilled fresh salmon with sea salt with grated mooli

- Chicken Karaage Bento 鶏唐揚げ弁当  9.80

Seasoned chicken deep fried

- MINI Chicken Karaage Bento  ミニ唐揚げ弁当 6.50

- Chicken Nanban Bento Popular! 鶏南蛮弁当 11.00

Chicken Karaage (seasoned chicken deep fried) is soaked in sweet and sour sauce topped with tartar sauce

- MINI Chicken Nanban Bento ミニ鶏南蛮弁当 7.00

- Menchi katsu Bento メンチカツ弁当   11.00

Seasoned ground beef & pork meat patty deep fried in breadcrumbs

- Mini Menchi Katsu Bento   ミニメンチカツ弁当  7.00

- Ebi Furai Bento エビフライ弁当  10.00

Prawns deep fried in breadcrumbs

- Mini Ebi Furai Bento ミニエビフライ弁当  6.50

- Asakusa Kids 浅草キッズ   6.00

Salmon roll, cucumber roll, Inari, egg omlette, Karaage and Edamame


- Chicken Katsu Don チキンカツ丼 8.50

Chicken deep fried in breadcrumbs and eggs cooked in dashi stock on rice.

- Pork Katsu Don かつ丼 9.00

Pork deep fried in breadcrumbs and eggs cooked in dashi stock on rice

- Una Don うな丼 13.20

Barbecued eel with teriyaki sauce on rice comes with salad and instant miso soup.

- Kaisen Oyako Don 海鮮親子丼 14.80

Salmon Sashimi and salmon roe on sushi rice served with Shiso leave and gari ginger.

- Kaisen Don 海鮮丼  17.00

A mixture of sashimi on top of sushi rice


- Chicken Yakisoba  チキン焼きそば   7.00

Fried noodles with chicken and vegetables

- Vegetable Yakisoba 野菜焼きそば 6.70

Fried noodles with vegetables


Sushi rolled in seaweed(6 pieces)

Inside-out rolls have seaweed on the inside (8 pieces)

- Cucumber  かっぱ巻き 2.20

- Japanese pickle  お新香巻 2.50

- Pickled plum and cucumber  梅きゅう巻 2.80

- Sticky fermented soya beans 納豆巻 2.80

- Salmon  鮭巻 4.90

- Tuna  鉄火巻 6.20

- Tuna & Spring Onion  ねぎ鉄火巻 6.40

- Avocado  アボカド巻 2.60

- Shiitake Mushrooms  シイタケ巻 3.10

- Mackerel & Ginger  鯖ガリ巻 3.90

- Grilled salmon skin  鮭皮巻 4.10

- Spicy sauce & tuna  スパイシー鉄火巻 6.20

- Spicy sauce & salmon  スパイシー鮭巻  5.10

- Spicy sauce & prawn  スパイシーエビ巻 5.60

- Rough-cut rustic wasabi   刻みわさび巻 4.90

- Avocado & Salmon Inside out  アボカド鮭逆巻き 7.80

- Avocado & Tuna Inside out  アボカドマグロ逆巻き  9.00

- Deep fried king prawn inside out  海老天逆巻き 8.40

- BBQ Eel inside out  うなぎ逆巻き 7.80

- California (avocado, egg, crabstick inside out) カリフォルニア巻 6.00

- Mixed Makimono plate  巻物盛り合わせ  13.50

18 pieces of assorted ROLL SUSHI – avocado/salmon/tuna

- Mixed Vegetable Makimono plate  野菜巻物盛り合わせ 7.50

18 pieces of assorted vegetable ROLL SUSHI – cucumber/pickles/shiitake

- Sababou Sushi    鯖棒寿司 19.80

- Futomaki  太巻き 16.00

Cucumber, tobiko, omelette , shiitake mushroom, deep fried bean curd, crabstick, pickles


6 Slices of Raw Fish served with Soy sauce and Wasabi

We use bluefin (本マグロ) for all of our tuna menu.

If you prefer 3 slices, please let us know. The price will be half.

- Sake (Salmon) 鮭 12.00

- Hon maguro (Tuna)    まぐろ 16.00

- Shimesaba (Mackerel) しめさば 8.60

- Toro (Fatty tuna)  とろ 20.00

- Hamachi (Yellow tail) はまち 14.60

- Suzuki (Sea bass)  すずき 12.00

- Hotate (Scallop)  ほたて 12.00

- Tako (Octopus)  たこ 8.60

- Tai (Sea Bream) たい 12.00

- Ika (Cuttlefish) いか 8.90

- Uni (Sea Urchin)  うに 15.00

- Mixed Sashimi 刺身盛り合わせ 17.00

11Slices of Assorted Sashimi (3tuna, 3salmon, 3mackerel and 2sea bream)


Nigiri (1 piece)

- Sake (Salmon) 鮭 2.60

- Maguro (Tuna) まぐろ 4.20

- Ebi (King Prawn)  えび 2.70

- Shimesaba (Mackerel) しめさば 2.40

- Ikura (Salmon roe) いくら 3.20

- Unagi (Eel) うなぎ 3.10

- Akaebi (Red shrimp)  赤エビ 3.00

- Tai (Sea Bream) たい 2.60

- Tako (Octopus) たこ 2.60

- Suzuki (sea bass)   すずき 2.60

- Hamachi (Yellow tail) はまち 3.70

- Mixed Sushi Plate 握り盛り合わせ 22.00

8Pieces of assorted NIGIRI and 2pieces of MAKIMIONO

(tuna, salmon, scallop, prawn, turbot 2pices of rolls and more)

- Salmon special  サーモンスペシャル  12.00

3 slices of Salmon sashimi, 3 pieces of Salmon nigiri, 4 pieces of Salmon and Avocado Inside-out rolls and 2 pieces of Salmon rolls


- Inari   いなり 1.90

Sushi rice stuffed in seasoned deep fried tofu (2pcs)

- Edamame 枝豆 3.50

Boiled green soya beans

- Hijiki ひじき 4.00

Hijiki seaweed with deep fried bean curd

- Ingen Gomaae インゲン胡麻和え 3.80

French beans with sesame dressing

- Horenso Gomaae ほうれん草胡麻和え 4.00

Spinach with sesame dressing

- Kinpiragobo 金平ごぼう 4.00

Chopped burdock root and carrot cooked with dashi stock

- Okonomi Stick お好みスティック 3.20

Japanese savoury pancake on stick with bonito flakes, dry seaweed and mayonnaise

- Hamburg Steak  ハンバーグステーキ 8.50

Grilled Japanese style meat patty served with salad (choice of with cheese or without)

- Saba no Misoni  鯖の味噌煮 7.00

Mackerel with miso paste sauce

- Buta no Kakuni 豚の角煮 6.00

Slow cooked pork belly with dashi stock

- Menchi Katsu 2pcs メンチカツ 8.00

Seasoned ground beef & pork meat patty deep fried in breadcrumbs

- Kabocha Korokke 2pcs カボチャコロッケ 4.40

Mashed pumpkin deep fried in breadcrumbs

- Chicken Shoga Yaki チキン生姜焼き 8.00

Grilled chicken and cooked vegetables with ginger sauce

- Pork Shoga Yaki ポーク生姜焼き 8.50

Grilled pork and cooked vegetables with ginger sauce

- Ika Shoga Yaki イカ生姜焼き 5.80

Grilled baby squid with ginger sauce

- Chicken Teriyaki チキン照り焼き 8.00

Grilled chicken and cooked vegetables with teriyaki sauce

- Beef Teriyaki ビーフ照り焼き 12.00

Grilled Scottish sirloin beef and cooked vegetables with teriyaki sauce

- Salmon Teriyaki 鮭照り焼き  11.00

Grilled salmon and cooked vegetables with teriyaki sauce

- Tori Karaage 鶏唐揚げ 6.20

Seasoned chicken dep fried


- Asakusa Salad 浅草サラダ  10.00

Pieces of sashimi, seaweed and vegetables with nuts and special sesame based dressing

- Kaisou Salad  海藻サラダ 8.90

Mixed seaweed and vegetables with special homemade salad dressing

- Tofu Salad  豆腐サラダ 5.80

Tofu and vegetables with special homemade salad dressing

- Yasai salad  野菜サラダ 4.80

Mixed green vegetables with special homemade salad dressing


- Daifuku Mochi   大福  2.00

Small round mochi (Glutinous rice cakes) with sweet red bean paste

- Yomogi Daifuku Mochi  よもぎ大福  2.00

Small round mochi (Glutinous rice cakes) with Japanese mugwort filled with sweet res bean paste

- Dorayaki Matcha custard  どら焼き抹茶カスタード 2.00

Small pancakes filled with matcha and custard cream

- Dorayaki Ogura  どら焼き小倉  2.00

Small pancakes filled with sweet red bean paste



PLEASE TRY TO ORDER 2 working days before the delivery date so we can prepare them on time.

* We will deliver with ice packed box, but please note that we cannot guarantee that the product will be delivered in a frozen state due to the distance we deliver.

- Mentaiko 454g (frozen)  辛子明太子    24.00

- Yumenishiki Rice 10kg  ゆめにしき    36.00

- Yumenishiki Rice 5kg ゆめにしき   21.00

- Toyama Koshihikari Rice 5kg 富山県産こしひかり  30.00

- SANGENTON thin sliced pork belly 500g 三元豚薄切り肉    8.40

- Ebi Furai 300g (frozen) 冷凍エビフライ10本入り  7.00

- Eel 250g (frozen)  冷凍蒲焼うなぎ   15.00

- Japanese sausage 200g 10pcs  日ハム粗挽きソーセージ  4.30

- Japanese sausage with cheese 185g 10pcs 日ハムあらびきソーセージチーズ入  4.20

- Tokyo Wantan Gyoza Dim Sum Wrapper 140g  東京ワンタン ぎょうざの皮24枚入  2.40

- Kibun Takebue Chikuwa 160g 紀文竹笛ちくわ 3.00

- Yamato Fried tofu 3pcs 大和冷凍油揚げ  2.20

- House Premium Tofu Extra Soft 340g ハウス絹ごし豆腐  2.50

- Sato Cut Mochi 400g サトウの切り餅  6.80

- SB Torokeru curry mild 200g とろけるカレールー甘口  3.80

- Okame Nattou 3pcs おかめ納豆  3.00

- Takara Hon Mirin 600ml タカラ本みりん   9.80

- Uchibori Ponzu - Citrus Based Soy Sauce With Vinegar and Dashi 内堀だし入りポン酢 360ml  5.80

- Kikkoman Nama Soy sauce 200ml キッコーマン生醤油  4.58

- Hanamaruki mtenka kouji miso 750g ハナマルキ麹味噌無添加  6.20

- Hikari Kodawattemasu Miso 750g ヒカリこだわってます味噌無添加  8.00

- Hikari Miso Additive Free 375g ヒカリ無添加味噌 5.80

- Kadoya Sesami oil 372ml 角谷胡麻油  4.20

- Maccormick Wafu sesame dressing 150ml マコーミック和風胡麻ドレッシング 3.40

- Maccormick Wafu Yuzu dressing 150ml マコーミック和風柚子ドレッシング 3.40

- Kenko Triple balance onion dressing 200ml ケンコートリプルバランス玉ねぎドレッシング 4.20

- Pietro Soy sauce dressing 280ml ピエトロ醤油ドレッシング 9.50

- Kewpie Deep-Roasted Sesame Dressing 150ml キューピー深煎りゴマドレッシング 6.00

- Kewpie Non-Oil Dressing Perilla - Aojiso 1L キューピーノンオイルドレッシング青じそ 13.70

- Morita Sobatsuyu straight 500ml 盛田そばつゆストレート  4.00

- Bulldog Tonkatsu sauce 500ml ブルドッグとんかつソース  5.50

- Bulldog Worcester sauce 500ml ブルドッグウスターソース 5.50

- Fujikko Konbu Obukuro 52g フジッコ昆布(大袋) 4.20

- Mishima Yukari Seeasoned Dry Perilla 26g  三島 ゆかり 2.20

- Futaba Noritamago Furikake 60g フタバふりかけ のりたまご 4.50

- Gohan Ni Mazete Wakana & Umeshiso 33g  タナカ ごはんにまぜて 若菜と梅しそ 2.70

- Gohan Ni Mazete Wakana & Sesami 33g  タナカ ごはんにまぜて 若菜とごま 2.70

- Mitake Ground white sesame seed 40g みたけ旨味すりごま 2.20

- Wadakyu Katsuobushi Bonito Flakes Standard 40g 和田久 鰹節 スタンダード 5.60

- TYO Potato starch 500g 東陽食料 かたくり粉 4.40

- Nanki Shiso Ume 100g 南海 紫蘇梅 4.20

- MFP Kizami Tsubozuke 120g きざみつぼ漬 3.80

- Nagai Okazu Nori 22.4g 8packets ナガイ おかず海苔 6.70

- Momoya Gohandesuyo 180g 桃屋ごはんですよ 5.00

- Fueru Wakame 57g ふえるわかめ 2.10

- Mekabu 56.7g 芽かぶ 3.80

- Daiei Ajitsuke Mozuku 150g ダイエイ味付けもずく 3.20

- Premium Edamame Aya  プレミアム枝豆 彩 1.20

- Shimonita Konnyaku 250g 下仁田こんにゃく 黒 2.40

- Shimonita Shirataki 200g 下仁田しらたき 白 2.21

- Sundelic Meijin Udon 1kg 名人うどん4食パック 7.00

- J Basket Sanuki Udon 1.25kg JFC 讃岐うどん5パック 6.67

- Itsuki Yude Udon Noddle with soup 630g 五木3食うどんスープ付き 4.00

- Ishiguro Yama Soab 250g 石黒 山芋そば 5.20

- Ikeda Zaokogen Soba 200g 池田 蔵王高原蕎麦 4.00

- Daisho Nagahama Yatai Ramen 188g 2pc ダイショー長浜屋台ラーメン 3.80

- Daisho Hakata Ramen 188g 2pc ダイショー博多ラーメン 3.80

- Momotaro Shoyu Ramen 465g 3pc 桃太郎 生 醤油拉麺  5.21

- Momotaro Miso Ramen 450g 3pc 桃太郎 生 味噌拉麺  5.21

- House Mugicha 144g 16pc ハウス麦茶冷水用 5.50

- Kasugai Gummy 100 Grape 107g 春日井グミ グレープ 3.98

- Amanoya Petit Kabukiage 67g 天乃屋 歌舞伎揚げ 2.90

- Kameda Happy turn 108g 亀田 ハッピーターン 4.30

- Maruchan Mukashinagara Yakisoba マルちゃんカップ焼きそば 4.20

- Caramelised Corn Snack with roasted peanuts キャラメルコーン 3.00

- Full Moon Prawn Crackers 75g  海老萬月せんべい 4.50

- Seasoned Nori Seaweed 100 無添加 味海苔 100 8.00

- Tsubozuke Soy Sauce 100g  道本食品 ツボ漬け 3.80

- Hot Cake Mix 300g ホットケーキミックス 4.20


- Chinese Cabbage  白菜 2.00

- Mooli 大根 2.40

- Spinach ほうれん草 2.40

- Enoki mushroom えのきだけ 2.20

- Shimeji mushroom しめじ 2.30

Chinese chive ニラ 1.99

Registration is Closed

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